Miles Davis

Kind Of Blue (Vinyl Story par Jacques Ferrandez)

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Davis is undoubtedly the most revolutionary and intimate jazz musician. He is at the origin of at least three legendary records. In 1949/1950, he recorded The Birth of the Cool, a turning point in the history of jazz as this record established the new jazz of downtown clubs as ballroom jazz then lost its appeal. In 1959, he recorded Kind of Blue which opened doors for jazz to the modern world. For decades, it was considered the best selling jazz as it sounded then like an avant-garde and still sounds today like contemporary jazz. In 1969, he recorded Bitches Brew, a blend of rock, funk and jazz music, often taking the name “Fusion”. Davis was the first artist to understand how to blend all music genres in a masterful and essential work that remains one of the 10 masterpieces of the 20th century. The Vinyl Story album brings together an original biography of Miles Davis, illustrated by Jacques Ferrandez, one of our most famous cartoonists, and the vinyl album Kind of Blue, one of Davis’ essential albums. In other words, a dive into the heart of the character, through sound, artwork and history.