Imperial Wax


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*** Album out Friday 9th February, Imperial Wax play an exclusive instore on Saturday 17th February, preorder any format to guarantee entry ***

At long last, the difficult second album rears its head. Hardly the biggest ball ache in musical history but It's been an uphill struggle every single step of the way. From the pandemic to deciding to bin the whole first recordings off and re-recording it all from scratch, to losing and gaining a new band member, to then after a few false starts deciding to start up our own record label, amongst and whole myriad of smaller problems to then finding out Pete has been immobilised by the dreaded long covid.

All songs written and recorded by Keiron Melling, Sam Curran, Pete Greenway and Shane Paul Standrill

Recorded by Tom Goodhall at Hohm Studios
Mastered by Ross Halden at Hohm Studios
Artwork by Pete Bogman
Lyrics by Sam Curran