Schone Neue

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Including all the tracks from the original release. But adding “Bright Side Of My Room” to the list as a counterpart of “Dark Side Of My Room” makes this release even more attractive. And to top it all off, as another treat, there's the ”Messy Machinery” Rough Mix instead of the Original Mix.

"It's all about hooking up our music to the emotional world of electronic music at the beginning of the Nineties, however, without falling for nostalgic references. We don't want to do cowardly Zeitgeist Techno, we want to have the heart to dare big sounds and more melodies. Sunrise scenarios, energy, revolution, and kaput-ness, all these are parts of the Extrawelt" - Extrawelt, 2008

The twelve tracks on Schöne Neue Extrawelt all unreleased, therefore they primarily represent a pleasurable in-between; the organic development of hypnotically compressed dance music that is more than just Minimal Techno, reduced Trance or electronic listening sounds of the Warp era – even all those elements have left their marks.

3x12“ Gatefold White Vinyl (Download Code Inside)

Spezial Edition
First time 3x vinyl including truly all tracks
Exclusive music

A1 Dark Side Of My Room
A2 Wippsteert
B1 Trümmerfeld
B2 Must Attack
C1 Wolkenbruch
C2 Added Planet
D1 Daten Raten
D2 Lost In Willaura
D3 Kurt Curtain (Skit)
E1 One Tree Hill
E2 Messy Machinery (Rough Mix) *
F1 Homing
F2 Bright Side Of My Room **

* = vinyl exclusive
** = previously unreleased