Record Cleaning Solution (200ml)

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  • Gently remove dust, dirt and debris from your favourite records
  • Residue free, Anti-Static, quick drying formula
  • Cleans up to 1000 sides (500 Single 12" LPs)
  • Contains alcohol - Not suitable for Shellac / 78 records

The SPINCARE® record cleaning kit is an affordable yet effective way to clean your record collection. We have specially formulated a cleaning solution that gently lifts removes dust, dirt and debris from the grooves of your favourite records. The solution is also naturally anti-static, residue free and dries quickly. Clean records have a number of benefits for your system. Firstly, you will see an immediate improvement in audio quality. Dust and debris prevent the stylus from making a strong connection with your record. Remove these and you will experience a fuller sound, and a reduction in those annoying clicks and pops.

To use the kit, spray one side of your vinyl 1-2 times, taking care not to dampen the label. Using the supplied microfibre cloth, gently rub the vinyl in a circular motion, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The aim is to almost brush the dust away, rather than apply pressure, which can force dirt further into the grooves. Records should be completely dry before being put back into their sleeves or played.

Over time you may find the microfibre cloth gets dirty and needs to be washed. We recommend this is done by hand washing with warm (not hot) water. Do not use any detergent or soap, as these can contaminate the cloth and your records. Massage the cloth to release the dirt and then let it air dry.