Bored Young Adults

Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach

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Blawan vents a slower, eldritch-shaded techno sound as Bored Young Adults for The Trilogy Tapes.

Essentially, the three tracks on Shy Dancers of Bungalowdorf Beach coarse with the same bitter, hard-bitten spirit that’s charged Blawan’s ballistic series so far. But, here he’s gated his energies into grubbier, squashed grooves awash with silty modular electronics and tape noise aimed at murkier corners of the ‘floor and that point at the afterparty when your pal pulls out a wrap of smack.

From a tentative rumble, the title track follows a wonky line of stumbling square bass and wistful motifs to sound like techno for a scene in A Field in England before he dips the pressure a few notches lower with the Fishermen-style, shark-eyed momentum of Check Up From The Neck Up, and a subsequent return to the murky square bass mire with tripper effect in But We Need This bench.

On the strength of these cuts we’d like to hear him move even farther from ‘floor conventions…