Il Est Vilaine

Les Mysterious De Lorient Remix

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It’s release day for Il Est Vilaine as they share their long-awaited debut album, Les Mystères de Lorient, a uniquely discomforting synth washed audio concept album that will leave fans reeling in the absurdity and clawing their way back for more. The Parisian duo refused to take themselves seriously – right down to including corny punsin their name and tongue-in-cheek descriptions of their own music. But really, when you make such fantastically surreal tones come together with such bold elements – who needs the regular pretentiousness that accompanies the rest of the industry?

Ahead of the album, we were visited by ‘Les Mystères de Lorient’ featuring French-Japanese Narumi Hérisson, which was accompanied by an 80’s styled colourful music video that reels between the weird and wonderful.  Florent and Simon (the founding and only members of Il Est Vilaine) create something akin to synth-pop, although calling it that would be a disservice to the multi-layers found within their music, all wrapped up in a retro leather jacket and ready to rebel from any assumed genre at any moment. 

Overall, the two have marked themselves as yet another electronic act to watch from the French scene. Consider us hooked.