Koto アシッド

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Wildly creative East Anglian musician Carl Brown is welcomed to the Love Love fold with great excitement. Carl has been consistently doing his own thing in music for quite a while and it’s high time some more people heard his sound. So many great ideas and lush feels are packed within. And while the sound palette is often electronic the tracks are positively human in nature, incorporating a wide variety of styles - playful, clever and eccentric, full of melodic shenanigans and top notch musicianship.

Upfront we get two rip-roaring braindance epics in the forms of title track ‘Koto アシッド’ and 2nd track ‘747 الرياض কলকাতা’, before ’S.E.T Ad '87’ changes the pace completely, cleansing the auditory palate ahead of the 2nd half of the EP with a spacey 80s dream. The pace settles out on the flip-side after the frazzling breakneck openers, slippery tones pirouetting atop a gracefully chugging bass line in ‘FWP’. Following this proceeds an unorthodox sequence of musical notes that somehow induces a series of highly concentrated fist-clenching emotions. ‘747 Red Eye Return’ slows its parent track down to a near still pace, its meditative tones bearing down like oppressive heat, before the final track provides a slice of brilliant musical escapism.

Surprising to the last second and brain-tingling throughout, this EP captures a colourful morsel of Carl’s work and should leave a lasting taste of what is yet to come from this sonic tinkerer.