As The Light Leaks

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*** Out Friday 27th July, available to buy from Dash The Henge today ***

RY-GUY releases his much anticipated debut EP, "As The Light Leaks” on 27th July. This independent release contains five tracks written and composed by the up-and-coming Brixton-based Modern-Psychedelia artist. 

RY-GUY's debut EP, "As The Light Leaks" radiates virtually apparent golden threads that flow throughout. Binding essences of Blur, CAN, and Sly and The Family Stone's afro-futurism to a wholly contemporary sound influenced by a wide range of genres. The unique style of Psychedelia is refined yet approached in a raw fashion, melodious whilst directly engaging. There are unwavering rhythm sections accompanied by intertwining guitars and synthesisers that build textures to wash us into the tide and deliver us back ashore with a fresh perspective.

This EP was conceptualised on "the navigation of ourselves in relation to our natural surroundings," according to RY-GUY. As well as the music, this concept was brought to life throughout the EP artwork collaborations produced by Kieran Rid & Lydia Dique. The singles released from this five track debut EP, "As The Light Leaks" have had soaring reviews by Indie-cult taste-makers such as So Young Magazine and championed by staple DJ's such as Steve Lemacq on BBC6 Radio Music.

George Murphy produced and mixed RY-GUY's debut EP "As The Light Leaks" in three days at Eastcote Studios in London alongside Ryan Melbourne-Hurley (Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Synthesiser); Kieran Mathews (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesiser); Erwin Lotasz - Drums.