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This Is PIL

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deluxe double vinyl edition. pil return from a 20 year recording silence with 'this is pil.' all the new material was recorded last year at steve winwood's studio. john lydon: "well, 12 songs, where do i begin? everything and anything that attracts my attention. 'one drop' is about my early youth in finsbury park. fantastic! hello, we're all teenagers don't you forget it! at any age, stay young." the 12 tracks herein are the sound of a rejuvenated band, a group of men who were at the genesis of modern post post punk and who are now questioning the world they helped create, like any artist would. 'this is pil' also features some of lydon's most personal writing to date, with autobiographical lyrics mixing with the wide-eyed, inclusive mix of genres that has always characterised pil's sound.