Club Mixes

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"Since landing on Earth 6 years ago we have enjoyed learning about the customs of the planet's dominant species - human beings - and are intrigued by the possibilities of what you Earthlings refer to as 'remixing'.

Therefore, as an experiment we invited some human musicians that we greatly admire to rework and reimagine our extra-terrestrial sounds. The resulting sonic material is a kind of human/alien hybrid music that we believe will incite much rejoicing at the rave.

This kind of interplanetary collaboration is of great interest to us, and so far, the resulting sounds have brought much delight to our alien ears."


Love Love Records are honoured to present two interstellar remixes from the recent album from HENGE, ‘ExoKosm’ which was self-released last year by the band during the pandemic. Acid pioneers and Madchester legends 808 State rework the track ‘Exo’ in their signature ‘acid-house meets rave-hardcore’ big band sound that fits seamlessly amongst their own back catalogue. The second is a heavily clubbed up twist of ‘Goldilocks’ from Brain Rays & Quiet, a spacey slab of sub-slung broken power-house with a sleazy groove like an alien abduction straight to the engine room of the UFO.